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General Judging Info
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          General Judging Information


Fee: Your Stable will charge you a day fee to attend horse shows. The fee is to cover the use of the horse, and equipment in all your classes; traveling costs when applicable to bring your horse to the show and take it him at the end of the day; your instructors coaching and instruction throughout the day; grooming help; and handling of the horse. This is your stables only income, all other fees are kept by the stables hosting the horse shows. Your stable will post designating a fee.

Proper Dress

Hair: The judge does not have x-ray eyes--if your hair hangs over your number, they cannot see it. Hair should be confined in the hat or a hair net. Pigtails with bows on small children is acceptable.

Hard Hat: A hard hat with a harness is required in all classes. *New York State helmet law has stipulates that all riders classified as Beginners and any rider under the age 14, are required to wear an ASTM approved riding helmet. The Empire State Riding Academy Committee is therefore requiring that all riders participating in the Walk/Trot and Beginner Divisions must wear the ASTM approved riding helmet. All other riders participating in the series that are under the age 14 must also wear the ASTM approved riding helmet.

Clothing: All riders are encouraged to wear britches and boots or Jodphur pants and laced riding boots. Check with your trainer to select which is appropriate for you. A neat white tailored shirt or riding shirt is an attractive upper body cover. If you wish to purchase a riding coat, we recommend the following colors: blue, black, hunter green, or any of these colors in a pin stripe. If you have a coat and question its suitability, take it to your instructor and let them decide. Black gloves are an inexpensive, but attractive touch of class.


In the Walk-Trot-Canter and Beginner division, leads will not count. In all other classes leads on the flat will count, and attempted lead changed will not be penalized (Flying, Trotted or Skipped leads are acceptable).

****Please remember--The judge is a hired professional with an educated eye, please do not question their judgement. Their decision is final!


Lesson horse Equitation: To be judged on hands and seat, general management of the horse at a walk, trot, and canter, and further testing at the discretion of the judge. To be judged on the performance over a course of fences in the ring.

Lesson horse Hunter: To be judged on the performance at the walk, trot, and canter. To be judged on performance over a course of fences in the ring.

Approximate Times for all Divisions:

Ring One: Advanced 8am

Ring Two: Walk-Trot 8:30am

Ring One: Intermediate not before 9:30am

Ring Two: Beginner not before 10am

Ring one: Advanced Beginner not before 12am

Refreshments will be provided at all shows

**Horse Shows are an exciting, busy and sometimes stressful day. Please be patient in seeking your instructors attention, they have a lot of details to keep track of.

We hope this information assists you in understanding and enjoying the ESRAS Shows. Thanks.



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