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This is the Year End Awards Results for 2015 Season

Please note, I am only spelling the names the way they were put in the booklet originally. If you want it corrected, please contact Jennifer Bailey at Please make sure to put ESRAS in the subject. Thanks.



ESRAS Walk Trot

Section A:
      Champion- Cody Frank
      Res. Champion - Theresa Lamendola

      3rd - Scarelette Seaman

Section B:
      Champion-Rachel Hofmann
      Reserve Champion-Elena Renauto
      3rd - Teagan Culhane
      4th - Katherine Stansbury
      5th - Reese Cialini
      6th - Lily O'Connor
      7th - Addison Tally
      8th - Jenna Greenwood
      9th - Jessica Washburn

Section C:
     Champion - Kayda Schmitt
      Reserve Champion- Emily McLean
      3rd - Jia Dunsby
      4th - Ali Brown
      5th - Sophie Schenkel
      6th - Elizabeth Vigliotti
      7th - Anna Lewis
      8th - Ella Michaels
      9th - Addison Bardwell

Section D:
      Champion- Caitlin Vella
       Reserve Champion- Emma Buckley
       3rd - Sydney Frank
       4th - Nora Finocchario
       4th - Kimberly Pagel
       5th - Riley Gardner
       6th - Brooke Levy
       7th - Claudia Goldie
       8th - Zoe Greenwood
       9th - Norah Ashcroft

ESRAS Beginner Division

Section A:

    Champion- Jean Arrowsmith
    Reserve Champion- Etta Eskridge
    3rd - Mike Motala

Section B:
    Champion- Saoirse Corbett
    Reserve Champion- Nicole Syvester
    3rd- Megan McGrody
    4th- Marie Benson
 Isabella Koonman
    6th- Mary Barnat
    7th- Gianna Priestly
    8th- Ben Mace
    9th- Quark Ewing
Section C:
   Champion - Tabby Huss

   Reserve Champion- Ally Walkie

   3rd - Ashley Crumb
   4th - Megan Datz
   5th - Lily Warrell
   6th - Allison Kinnear
   7th - Joli Kellman
   8th - Austin Gifford
ESRAS Advanced Beginner Division:

Section A:
   Champion- Sara Annunziata

Section B:
   Champion- Brooke McBride

   Res. Champion- Amanda Lange
   3rd - Emily Sandler
   4th - Lexi Littier
   5th - Anna Ragonese
   6th - Abigail Smith
   7th - Erika Blair

   8th - Paige Wright

   9th - Morgan Testa

   10th - Katie Pohler

Section C:
   Champion- Sarah Lockwood
   Res. Champion- Meredith Schell
   3rd - Ella Goetzman
   4th - Trina Ruhland

   5th - Katie Schell
   6th - Ally Cottier
   7th - Taylor Allenza
   8th - Sara Hornak

   9th - Julia Zatyco
   10th - Leah Pohler

ESRAS Intermediate Division:

Section A:

Section B:
   Champion- Ryan Marmat
   Res. Champion -
Jaiden Purcell
   3rd - Kristen Bernard
   4th - Corrina Rosenfeld

   5th - Julie Lewis
   6th - Alaina Lambert
   7th - Gen MacIntyre
   8th - RJ Jopper
   9th - Brittany Alexander

ESRAS Advanced Division:

Section A:
Champion - Cindy Menuele

Section B:
   Champion- Lauren Bovenzi
   Reserve Champion- Sarah Strong
   3rd -
Rachel Pacella

     Sponsored by the Jansen family
           Ella Hanselman
           Maddy Goshlin
           Hailey Kramer
           Mike Werthman

Sportsmanship Awards:
Each Farm nominates competitors from their stable to receive this award. The theme behind this awards is that of good team and stable spirit. The recipients should also be supportive and helpful to all of the riders, trainers and especially the horses.

ESRAS Medals:

Advanced Adult:

Advanced Juniors:
   Gold - Sarah Strong

   Silver - Lauren Bovenzi

   Bronze -  Rachel Pacella

Intermediate Adult:

Intermediate Junior:
   Gold - Ryan Marmat

   Silver - Maiden Purcell
   Bronze - Julia Lewis

Advanced Beginner Adult:
   Gold - Sara Annunziata

Advanced Beginner Junior:
   Gold - Trina Ruhland

   Silver - Sarah Lockwood
   Bronze - Brooke McBride

ESRAS Equitation High Point Adult

   Champion- Jean Arrowsmith
   Res. Champion - Etta Eskridge

ESRAS Equitation Overall High Point Adult

   Champion- Jean Arrowsmith
   Res. Champion - Etta Eskridge

ESRAS Equitation High Point Junior

   Champion- Tabby Huss
   Res. Champion - Saoirse Corbett

ESRAS Equitation Overall High Point Junior
   Champion - Lauren Bovenzi
   Res. Champion - Sarah Strong

ESRAS Team Results:

Sarah Lockwood, Abigail Smith, Joli Kelliman, Cody Frank

Reserve Champions:
Ally Cottier, Ella Goetzman, Nicole Sylvester, Rachel Hoffman

Third Place:
RJ Hopper, Brooke McBride, Etta Eskridgr, Nora Finocchario

Fourth Place:
Alaina Lambert, Taylor Allenza, Jean Arrowsmith, Kayda Schmidt

Fifth Place:
Paige Wright, Lexi Littier, Yabby Huss, Elena Renauto

Sixth Place:
Maiden Purcell, Sara Hornak, Saorise Corbett, Sydney Frank

Seventh Place:
Kristen Barnard, Meredith Schell, Meghan McGrody, Addison Tally

Eighth Place:
Sarah Strong, Anna Ragonese, Mary Barn at, Anna Lewis

Ninth Place:
Rachel Pacella, Morgan Testa, Ally Wilkie, Reese Cialini

Tenth Place:
Ryan Marmet, Amanda Lange, Allison Kinnear, Riley Gardner

Honorable Mention:
Corrina Rosenfeld, Trina Ruhland, Marie Benson, Elizabeth Vigliotti



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