Empire State Riding Academy Series
General Judging Info
ESRAS Year End Results



2013 Empire State Riding Academy Series
Saturday Lesson Show

  • Lehman Farms - May 11th
  • Huntington Meadows - June 1st
  • Way Farm- July 27th
  • Canalside- August 24th

Ring One:
Advanced - 8:30 am
1A Adv Equitation Flat (adult)
2A Adv Hunter US (adult)
3A Adv Equitation OF (adult)
4A Adv Hunter OF (adult)
5A Adv Medal (adult)

1B Adv Equitation Flat
2B Adv Hunter US
3B Adv Equitation OF
4B Adv Hunter OF
5B Adv Medal
~ Advanced Champion ~

Intermediate -not before 9:30 am
6A Int Equitation (adult)
7A Int Hunter US (adult)
8A Int Equitation OF (adult)
9A Int Hunter OF (adult)
10A Int Medal
6B Int Equitation
7B Int Hunter US
6C Int Equitation
7C Int Hunter US
8B Int Equitation OF
9B Int Hunter OF
8C Int Equitation OF
9C Int Hunter OF
10B Int Medal
10C Int Medal
~ Intermediate Champion ~

Advanced Beginner -not before 11:00 am
14A Adv Beg Equitation Flat (adult)
15A Adv Beg Hunter US (adult)
16A Adv Beg Equitation OF (adult)
17A Adv Beg Hunter OF (adult)
18A Adv Beg Medal (adult)

14B Adv Beg Equitation Flat
15B Adv Beg Hunter US
16B Adv Beg Equitation OF
17B Adv Beg Hunter OF
18B Adv Beg Medal

14C Adv Beg Equitation Flat
15C Adv Beg Hunter US
16C Adv Beg Equitation OF
17C Adv Beg Hunter OF
18C Adv Beg Medal
~ Advanced Beginner Champion ~

Ring Two
Walk-Trot-Canter -8:45 am
11A WT (adult)
12A WTC (adult)
13A WT Cavaletti (adult)
11B WT
11C WT
13B WT Cavaletti
13C WT Cavaletti
~ WTC Champion ~

23. Lead Line

Beginner -not before 10:00 am
19A Beg Equitation Flat (adult)
20A Beg Hunter US (adult)
21A Beg Equitation OF (adult)
22A Beg Hunter OF (adult)
19B Beg Equitation Flat
20B Beg Hunter US
19C Beg Equitation Flat
20C Beg Hunter US
21B Beg Equitation OF
22B Beg Hunter OF
21C Beg Equitation OF
22C Beg Hunter OF
~ Beginner Champion ~

A Special Thanks to our local tack shops for your support
The Hunting Horn, Penfield
Empire Saddlery, Fairport

Note: All times are approximate for classes.

RULES for the E.S.R.A.S
  •   There are five divisions offered. Each is according to ability level and adults will always be split from children. Trainers will place their riders in the appropriate division.
  •   Jumping classes will be split according to the number of entries in Advanced, Intermediate, and Advanced Beginners. Beginner will be split after 10 riders. They will run and be pinned as two separate classes. (The split will be posted before the start of the class)
  •   Medal classes to be shown over a course of no less than six obstacles. Fence height is set per division. Test will be included in the course.
  •   Fences: Advanced and Intermediate divisions will jump no more than 7 fences, Advanced Beginners will jump 6 fences, Beginners will jump 4 fences and will trot the first fence of the course.
  •   A trophy and 10 ribbons will be awarded in each class.
  •   There will be schooling in the rings before the show.
  •   Horses should NOT be braided.
  •   There will be a Junior and Adult High Point winner in each division
  •   In both the Equitation and the Hunter classes over fences, lesson horses may execute the course as many times as needed to accommodate the number of students
  •   Flat classes marked A, B, C, D, etc. Will be pinned separately. There will be no more than 10 riders in each split.
  •   Students or family members who own or lease horses used in lessons may not show that horse in the series.
  •   All riders must wear an ASTM or Pony Club approved helmet at all times on horseback (see below for NYS helmet law). All riders must be properly attired no sneakers and their horses must have suitable tack for rider safety.
  •   The Walk-Trot-Canter division is open to any rider, or any age, who has never had any jumping experience.
  • A rider must participate in a minimum of 2 shows for points to count


  •   Teams are comprised of competitors from the different stables. Team riders will be chosen randomly, divided according to entries. No more than two riders from the same barn will be allowed on the same team.
  • Riders hand in Team Pledge forms at the first show. To be a team member there is a one-time fee of $15.00 to be paid in advance of the first ESRAS show

  • Entry fees are $20.00 per class. The medal is $20.00. There will be a $30.00 service charge for any returned checks. Also, any returned checks must be settled in cash before showing at the next show. There NO EMT/Insurance NOR ground fee per rider per show.
  • Numbers for all riders will be assigned by each division and held be each stable after each horse show. This means that each rider will have the same number for all four shows.
Call Sharon Jansen with entries by Thursday at 585-766-1256 or e-mail her at

*** This is a lesson show, for lesson students, lesson horses, and non-USEF, PHA, or sanctioned event exhibitors and horses will be judged accordingly. Riders and horses may participate in USEF or PHA-rated shows but only in the
non-rated classes. The eligibility of the horse and rider shall be left to the discretion of the E.S.R.A.S Committee***
** Participants in the E.S.R.A.S MAY participate in the NWNY Summer Series **

The USA-Equestrian and NYS helmet law has stipulated that all riders classified as Beginner and any rider under the age of 18 are required to wear an ASTM SEI approved riding helmet. The Empire State Riding Academy Committee is therefore requiring that all riders participating in the Walk-Trot and Beginner Divisions must wear the ASTM SEI approved riding helmet. All other riders participating in the series that are over the age of 18 must also wear the ASTM approved riding helmet.





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