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The Empire State Riding Academy Series, ESRAS, is a summer series of 4 lesson shows run in the Rochester Area since 1984.

The series was developed to teach competition show ring skills at the riding lesson level; give the student a forum to practice these skills; and earn recognition and sucess usually reserved for the AHSA and PHA regonized horse show contenders. The spirit of the ESRAS is to reward the effort of the riders at every level, as they demonstrate their love of the sport.

The ESRAS is a summer series of 4 shows at different locations in the Rochester area starting in May. This series is an "invitation only" series. To be eligible, a rider must be a student of the invited stable and not a regular participant at a AHSA or PHA recognized shows or sanctions event. Any horse rider found ineligible will not be judged.

The five divisions are for lesson students on lesson horses only. Advanced, Intermiedate, Advanced Beginner, Beginner, and Walk-trot-canter. In each division adult riders will compete separate from junior riders. To be eligible a horse must be an active part of a lesson prgram and can not have participated in AHSA or PHA recongnized horse shows or a recongnized dressage shows or sanctioned event after Dec. 1st of the previous year, even if that horse competed in and unrecongnized division then they become ineligible. Privately owned or leased horses that are ridden in a lesson program and are otherwise eligible to participate in the series may not be shown in the series by that owner or lessor.


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